Talk a bit about the importance of carrying the weight of a couple’s family history.

It is simply this. I try to imagine that in 30 years, the daughter of that bride I shot last Saturday will be curious to know what life was like on the day their parents got married, perhaps because she will be getting married that day.

What inspires you?

Watching people perform under pressure, with grace. My daughter. A groom who can actually dance. A father of the bride who actually says what he has wanted to say for 27 years to his daughter.

How many weddings a year do you take?

We will close off our calendar at 25 weddings. We prefer to provide exceptional service and a personal experience for each wedding couple, which means we choose not to accept multiple back-to-back weddings per weekend. By doing this, we are not limiting ourselves, rather we are allowing ourselves to fully commit to each and every client we have.

How important is the wedding photographer at the wedding?

The wedding photographer is one of the most important people to be with you on your wedding day. There is no one that you will spend more time with on your day than your photographer. The rapport and trust a photographer builds with you is the key that opens up the unprompted moments that will become a portrait you absolutely love. There’s no formula, no pose – it’s all about trust.

What is a wedding day to you?

I always find weddings to be so fascinating. Its complexity is full of subtle heartfelt expressions, intimate layers of emotions, inspirational life stories and interactions happening all at once. It is a job that requires all my senses to be awake in order to fully engage the moments and create rich and meaningful photographs for my clients. I consider weddings too important a subject to treat lightly. Above all, it’s about the relationships and capturing the feeling of your day in photographs that you will take with you for the rest of your life. I photographed my very first wedding in 2007 and that exceptional feeling of joy has been resonant at every wedding since.

Do you take engagement photos?

Absolutely. In fact, an engagement session is one of the biggest recommendations we want you to consider when hiring your wedding photographer. Besides getting amazing images of the two of you, the engagement session is more important than that. This is the time to start building the relationship with your photographer, learn about the process, become comfortable in front of the camera and with your photographer, and know what to expect for your wedding day. Having an engagement session yields superior wedding day images.

Do you have a shot list?

I like to call it more of a wish list. The photos you really want are the ones you cannot plan. I call them “sophisticated snapshots.” That’s my goal. That’s what I look for all day long. Split second mementos you’ll look at everyday. And what I’ve learned is that these photos don’t live on a shot list. When the day is right, all the in between moments of your day is what you’ll remember to tell your story.

Why do you use film?

In literal terms, digital is all about technology and film is all about chemistry. Our style is real and honest, while aesthetically natural and elegant. Film has a depth and density in the final image that is both beautiful and soulful–it is hard to describe but is unique only to film. Besides that magical quality of exposing an image on a negative and waiting for it to be developed into a tangible photograph, it possesses even more magic in the way it renders light. Simply, film creates the images we love.

So then why do you shoot both film & digital formats?

We are able to understand and appreciate each format for its greatest strengths, and use them appropriately. Film is fantastic for our fine art portraits and details, and especially when there is an abundance of natural light. However, digital cameras are great for the faster paced scenarios and low lit scenes. We love to use our digital cameras in dark churches and indoor receptions because often those moments are going so fast, we don’t want to miss a beat.

Do you offer Videography? 

While my services only include photography, we have partnered with Vasanta Studios as videographers for your wedding day. Vasanta Studios’ videography is both beautiful and memorable and aims to tell the story of your wedding. Roger is an absolute genius and with his cinematic approach, he will capture your day perfectly. If you are interested in both our photography and Vasanta Studios’ videography, let us know and we will create a custom package for your day.

Do you travel?

Absolutely. We have traveled to amazing destinations to photograph including Korea, the Philippines, Bali,  and more. We customize each package so you don’t need to worry about additional expenses afterwards.

What kind of camera gear do you use?

We use a myriad of cameras including a Rolleiflex 2.8f, Pentax 6×7 and a Lomo LC-A+ to name a few.

What is a photograph to you?

This is my hope for my photographs: honest, optimistic and empathetic.  Photographs that voices the feeling of the whole day – one to be remembered.